Disable Tag on Mobile Devices – Google Tag Manager

Google announced way back in august that they will start to devalue web pages that pushes popup boxes and interstitial ads on mobile devices. This is another big step from Google to make the mobile experience even better!

This is a big problem for the majority of digital marketers that use email popups to get new leads. If you use Google Tag Manager I have a quick and SUPER easy solution for you. Read more

Do you Have a Digital Marketing Plan?

It’s 2017, you better have one! If you don’t have a digital marketing plan in today’s world you are missing out on a lot of business and you need to get at it right away.

It could be as simple as getting a social media campaign started to acquire new leads. Or you can hire an expert that will give you the FULL digital marketing package. Either way, you need to get something going if you haven’t already. Read more