My First 1,000 Followers – Weekly Analysis

Thirty. That is the amount of followers I had when I started this quest. The reason I only had 30 followers was that I just started the page and didn’t market it anywhere.

I don’t think that having a huge following is a sign of great business, but I do believe that having a respectable amount of followers is a sign of a trusted business/influencer. And for me, a digital marketer, I need people to trust what I do.

I decided to set myself a goal for 2017…. By the 100th day of 2017 I want 1,000 followers. Why 1,000 in 100 days for $100 or less? To be honest, I don’t really know, I just like round numbers.

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Facebook Widget Driving More Traffic

Quantcast has found evidence that the “Facebook Widget effect” is in fact real. They have traffic stats that show a big increase in traffic for sites that have produced widgets for Facebook.

Quantcast’s number demonstrates a large traffic increase when Facebook’s open platform launched.

Facebook widget Driving More Traffic

Online marketers are seeing this as a great opportunity to get a piece of that delicious traffic pie. Companies like PayPal are pushing hard to get a widget developed for a payment option for Facebook.

With the incredible increase in users that Facebook is having, it’s a no brainer to invest time and resources in this social media platform!