Benefits of Investing Money in SEO

New Revenue Stream

A solid SEO strategy should develop into a new, or expand your reach to potential customers. It can also allow you to reach people in niches that you would’ve never thought of.

Low Cost & Amazing ROI

Organic traffic is free. Free is a lot cheaper than radio/print ads that you can’t really measure your return on investment. SEO is easily traceable and you can really see the return of the money invested.

Increase Traffic

If you’re not ranking in the top 3 results on Google for your keywords you are missing on 56% of the clicks. SO ranking 1# and ranking #6 can actually make or break your the worthiness of your website.

Your Competitors Are Doing It!

If your competitors are investing just a small amount of time in their SEO, you’re losing a lot of potential customers. It’s very hard to rank well if you’re not doing anything for SEO when your competitors are.

Increase Brand Awareness & Credibility

How much trust do you put in a company that is on the 3rd page when you’re looking for a plumber to fix your leaking toilet? No one calls the plumber on page #3, let’s just say that.

Take Part of the Consumers Buying Cycle

Nowadays, when consumers are looking to acquire a product or service they do a little bit of research first. Showing up in the search results on top shows that you’re probably one of the best for what they’re looking for!

SEO Services Offered

Basic SEO Report

  • On-Site SEO Issues

  • 2 Page Report

  • No Fix Recommendations

In-Depth SEO Report – DIY

  • On-Site SEO Issues

  • Detailed Report

  • Includes Suggested Fixes

  • Optimization Suggestions

In-Depth SEO Report + Fixes

  • On-Site SEO Issues

  • Detailed Report

  • Fixes

  • Optmization

Local Business SEO Services

  • Perfect for Small Businesses

  • Ongoing website improvement

  • Ongoing Local SEO Strategy

  • Monthly Progress Report

eCommerce SEO Services

  • Ongoing eCommerce Site Optimization

  • Build content around your service/products

  • Link Building

  • Monthly Progress Report

SEO Consultation

  • No Monthly Retainers

  • The First Hour is Free!

  • Can help you with any aspect of SEO

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